Breezy FAQ

Do my users need to print from their mobile devices?

Users now spend more time on mobile devices than they spend on computers. With the ability to securely access emails and edit documents using apps, user behavior on mobile devices and computers are converging. This makes it important for IT to support basic functionality like printing, to maintain productivity and daily workflow. Choosing a mobile printing solution for employees ensure your data stays secure, and employees won’t need to download one of the 1,000+ personal, unmanaged printing apps from the app stores.

How does Breezy work with enterprise printers?

Breezy has three main components: the Mobile Apps, the Breezy Cloud, and the Breezy Connector. User use the Mobile Apps to securely send documents, websites, photos, and other data to a printer of their choice. The Breezy Connector is a program installed on print server that detects the printers installed on it, making them accessible via the Breezy Cloud to users of the Mobile Apps.

When should I choose Breezy?

Every company is different, but if any of the following are true, it's probably time to start considering a mobile print solution:

  • Your users are increasingly mobile, and your company is looking at BYOD or expanding its mobility strategy.
  • Your users want a way to print. Most companies do -- which is why we've created The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a 38-page ebook, to help you understand the landscape before you decide on a mobile printing solution.
  • Users can use their mobile devices to access company data, via email or a file storage and sharing solution
  • You want to ensure that your employees have a secure and easy way to print from their devices
  • You have enterprise security needs, and want to ensure that you are taking steps towards maintaining data compliance

How is employee data kept secure?

With the best security in the industry, Breezy takes many steps to protect your document. User data is protected at all times using industry leading AES-128-CBC encryption, both in transit and at rest, and Breezy’s unique integration with a number of leading mobile security providers ensures that data never leaves the secure container on your device during the print process.

It is important to stress that Breezy’s security here goes beyond simply using HTTPS, though we employ that as well. Instead, Breezy actually encrypts all documents before transmission, so that even if an HTTPS certificate were to be compromised, customer data would remain secure. This is why Breezy, alone among mobile print providers, can say with certainty that no user data was compromised by the recent Heartbleed vulnerability, or will be by any yet-to-be-discovered flaws in HTTPS.

Is Breezy a Substitute for AirPrint and Google Cloud Print?

It depends on what you need. For many SOHO and a few SMB environments, these consumer-based solutions may be sufficient, particularly if security and ability to integrate with existing printer fleets are not required. However, most SME and Enterprise environments (and all businesses in regulated industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, legal, or financial services) will find that Breezy provides a more robust, flexible and compatible solution, meeting security requirements while providing a seamless user experience..

What are the requirements for an enterprise to use Breezy?

Breezy’s system requirements are quite minimal and we often surprise our customers by how easily we can get employees at large organizations printing from their mobile devices. For specific requirements, please refer to this support page.

How is using Breezy different from using VPN to give users access to printers in the office?

First of all, VPNs don't solve the driver problem -- even if a user can access a printer on a network, they'll still need the appropriate driver. Secondly, VPNs are built to give users on computers access to the resources on a company network. For a mobile user, this process not only is this process sometimes manual and time consuming, but it gives all personal apps on an employee’s mobile device access to potentially sensitive company information. In other words, by allowing employees to print from their mobile devices using a VPN, you may be inadvertently sharing confidential corporate data with every app on the device.

In contrast, Breezy's architecture ensures that no VPN or open port is needed for providing secure access to your printers, so Users see only the printers they're supposed to see, and can print only what you allow. And of course, since Breezy doesn't require any drivers on mobile devices, the "driver problem" inherent in VPN-based printing solutions is solved as well.

Do you support BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 in the enterprise environment?

No. As of June 23, 2014, Breezy will no longer support the BlackBerry platform. We've written a blog post, explaining our reasoning.

What is the difference between Breezy’s cloud and on-premise solution?

Breezy’s cloud solution is a subscription based SaaS service that gives users access to all the features of secure corporate and personal printing without the need to install Breezy on a hosted storage solution. For an on-premise installation, Breezy’s on-premise solution requires an in-house or third-party data center for the document along with the ability to host a fail-over machine.

Do you integrate with my company’s ID-based print and release systems or the accounting service provided by my Print Management Solution?

Yes - Breezy can integrate with most of the major pull-printing systems on the market, including Equitrac, LRS, Safecom, Xerox, Pharos, Pcounter, PaperCut, Ringdale and more. Please contact us if you have a question about whether we can integrate with your specific badge-release environment.

Do I need to configure every printer in advance and install all the printer drivers again for Breezy?

No! Once the Breezy Connector is installed on your print server, it will automatically to detect all of your printers and their properties, very similar to how a workstation within the network would access and view these printers. No additional driver installation is needed. As a result, deployment is a very a straightforward process, and some enterprise customers have been able to install and deploy Breezy for mobile printing across their entire printer fleet in less than half an hour.

Can I add Breezy’s printing service to my company’s custom app?

Companies can use our REST API with a simple SDK for iOS and Android devices, making it easy for developers to add Breezy’s print service to their apps. The API operates on SSL and uses oAuth2 for securing integration. Great business apps like Office², Egnyte, NetDocuments, SpringCM, and TouchDown have chosen to integrate with Breezy, and we can help your in-house developers to the same.

Does Breezy support BYOD printing?

Yes! Breezy is a mobile-first company and most of Breezy’s customers either allow BYOD in the workplace or give employees a variety of choices in corporate owned devices. Breezy also partners with most of the leading EMM solutions for BYOD, including MobileIron, Good Technology, AirWatch (VMWare), Citrix XenMobile, Mocana, Appsense, OpenPeak, and MaaS360 (IBM).

Do I have to open any firewall ports?

No. The Breezy Connector uses Port 443 for outbound polling only. Moreover, these connectors are programmed only to receive documents via the Breezy system, and cannot download executable files.

How scalable is Breezy – how many printers can Breezy work with?

Breezy has been built for enterprise requirements and has deployments with global firms with over 5,000 printers. Our architecture has been stress tested and optimized to easily handle even 10mb documents with print servers connected to 1,000+ printers.

Can I see what my users are printing from their mobile devices?

Yes. Breezy gives administrators access to print history, so you can see metadata like the date, time, and name of each print job, the user who printed it and the printer to which it was sent. This information can also be downloaded for use in reports.

How can I evaluate Breezy for my enterprise?

Our mobile printing experts in the sales team would be happy to discuss your mobile printing needs and assist with the evaluation. Simply request a demo and somebody will get back to you within 24 hours on a business day.

What is Breezy’s pricing structure?

Breezy is priced in a modular way depending on the number of components required and the number of employees in a company. For a detailed pricing quote, please contact us.

Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.