Tab 'Send' to Print from Email

Email Printing Video

Printing is an essential business tool but until now, there was no effective way for secure, easy printing from a mobile device.

Breezy lets users securely print emails, documents, photos or anything else in seconds from any device, just by sending it to the printer’s email address.

Productivity & Convenience

Endless hours are wasted opening email or files that have already been read on a mobile device on workstations just to print. Breezy can eliminate this tedious problem for visiting guests, board members, salespeople, executive and employee who want to print a document or an email from their phone.

State-of-the-Art Security and Support

Security is at the core of Breezy’s service. Breezy uses TLS encryption to ensure that data is not compromised at any point. Breezy’s simple, one-time setup comes with on-going support from our California-based engineers.

Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.