Five (Costly) Enterprise Mobile Printing Myths

Breezy debunks mobile printing myths that kill productivity, add unnecessary risks to mobile printing.

Oakland, CA – January 23, 2014 – Out-dated ideas about secure mobile printing are getting in the way of efficiency and security in many companies. Whether it's a large enterprise or a small business, the need to print from mobile devices is rapidly becoming one of the more annoying bottlenecks in the work environment.

A new article on the Breezy blog debunks mobile printing myths that can kill productivity and add unnecessary risks that no business can accept. The five most costly mobile printing myths include:

  • Myth # 1: BYOD as a Trend (Nope -- it's the norm!)
  • Myth #2: Mobile Printing Isn't a Necessity (Sell that to a busy employee trying to get the job done!)
  • Myth #3: Mobile Printing Requires New Printers (It shouldn't -- it's possible to print securely from any device, on any printer.)
  • Myth #4: Mobile Printing Means IT Will Lose Control of Printer Access (Not at all -- and employees don't have to give up flexibility, either.)
  • Myth #5: Too Many Variables Makes Any Solution Complex & Costly (There are a lot of variables, but a secure mobile printing solution can handle the complexity.)

The complete article is now online at:

Jared Hansen, CEO of Breezy says, "Don't let last year's myths get in the way of this year's productivity. Study after study shows that if employees can't easily print from their mobile devices using the tools that IT provides, they'll set up their own work-arounds -- even if that means violating policy."

Additional details about the risks and problems that can arise when companies fail to provide a secure mobile printing solution are included in the new ebook from Breezy, The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing. It's now online and available for free download.

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