Global supply chains require mobility, flexibility and security.

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In a world where the financial markets are shifting and changing faster than ever before investors and clients today are seeking financial firms they can trust to unlock opportunity and minimize risk while providing the benefits of global reach with the convenience and familiarity of local service.

Financial firms often lead other industries as early adopters of beneficial technologies which comes as no surprise since the very industry itself is built upon highly integrated and sophisticated computer systems and networks.

Security is paramount with any new technology utilized in finance. Many firms struggle with the problem of how to provide the best user experience without compromising the security required for regulatory compliance.

Breezy's on-device encryption, secure data transfer and pull print integration are a few of the technologies that help financial services companies meet industry and government regulatory compliance while ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive customer information.

Global financial firms are mobile enabling their existing print infrastructure with Breezy and utilizing the flexibility of our Partner Network to securely print while traveling in support of business and client initiatives.

The ability to print is a fundamental tool of doing business and shouldn't be the concern of financial employees. Breezy provides secure mobile access and print allowing the financial professional to focus on the business of making decisions that grow client returns and investments.