Increasing the mobility and security of the healthcare professional.

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The demands being placed on today's healthcare professionals are only growing as are the number of mobile devices being harnessed to increase the overall quality of care.

Healthcare professionals from doctors and nurses to clinicians, researchers and administrative staff are constantly being presented with new technologies and the promise that they will increase patient care, reduce costs and boost productivity.

Whether it's new wound care and surgical device technologies or the growing adoption of mobile smartphones and tablets being utilized for patient monitoring and EHR access all of these tools are helping to propel and advance the capabilities of the health professional.

Global pharmaceutical companies, world-class hospitals and nationwide healthcare networks utilize Breezy to ensure that their staff can securely access and print corporate and patient information from their mobile devices without compromising security.

Breezy's data security technologies help ensure compliance of HIPAA, HITECH and other federal regulations and enable professionals to securely print regardless of what floor, campus, clinic or office they happen to be working.