Providing secure mobile printing campus wide for students, staff and educators.

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While we all remember the image of students planted in a single-room schoolhouse, sharing a desk, a book and a pencil while their teacher lectures on, that's no longer the face of education.

In today's world, the art of teaching has had to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape -- and today's learning tools are increasingly mobile in practice. Students are often the earliest adopters of new technologies and can be found pushing the education system as a whole to adopt.

The growing diversity and constraints of today's schools and universities challenges administrators, educators and students alike with issues of access, availability and security.

In the face of all this change, however, some things remain constant: and the usefulness of paper copies is one of them. As your school moves to a mobile-first world, Breezy can mobile-enable your existing print infrastructure and harness the wave of mobile devices at all levels of education. Students, staff and educators can all be provided with access and the ability to securely print to any printer available across campus.

Increase the utility and access of your existing infrastructure while also adding to the productivity and collaboration capabilities of your students, staff and educators by empowering them to print securely from their mobile devices campus wide.

Breezy's education-friendly pricing makes it easy to roll out to staff, students and the public, and our world-class security ensures the confidentiality of data while providing user friendly access to campus printers.