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Gartner Announces 2014 EMM Magic Quadrant Leaders

Posted on Wed, Jun 11, 2014

2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant 5 EMM Leader LogosThis week, Gartner released the 2014 Magic Quadrant results in the new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) category. In past years, Gartner called this category “MDM”, or mobile device management, and the name change signals Gartner’s view that the category has evolved from a point solution to a more comprehensive platform.

The research giant defines the EMM category this way: "Enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites consist of policy and configuration management tools and a management overlay for applications and content intended for mobile devices based on smartphone OSs. They are an evolution from previous generation MDM products that lacked application and content management. IT organizations and service providers use EMM suites to deliver IT support to mobile end users and to maintain security policies."

Gartner selected these vendors as this year’s five Magic Quadrant EMM Leaders:

To qualify as a leader, Gartner said that an EMM provider must have the “highest product revenue in the EMM market, several years of proven customer implementations, customer mind share and extensive partnerships with channel and other technology providers."

Breezy Partners with All 5 EMM Leaders

“We’re very excited about this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders in EMM,” said Jared Hansen, CEO and founder of Breezy. “And very proud that we’re fully integrated with all five of the leaders honored by Gartner: AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix, Good Technology, and MaaS360 (IBM).”

Breezy has long partnered with leading EMM providers in order to ensure mobile access to critical enterprise information without compromising security. Breezy’s secure integration with these management platforms ensures that employees can access and print the content they need when it’s needed – without opening a security gap as data is transmitted to a printer.

Combining Breezy’s secure mobile printing solution with one of the leading EMM solutions gives customers the flexibility and end-to-end security they need to cover users, devices, applications, content, data, email and networks – from wherever the user is accessing company
data, Hansen adds.

“AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix, Good Technology and IBM’s MaaS360 create a secure environment to help businesses keep company data secure on mobile devices, and Breezy helps by securing the critical ‘last mile’ of the journey from digital to print,” he says.

For more information on how Breezy works with leading MDM and EMM solutions to secure the ‘last mile’ for company data, download a datasheet for Breezy’s integration with any of the individual EMM leaders, or an overview of Breezy’s Enterprise Edition.

Gartner’s 2014 EMM Market Overview

In their 2014 Magic Quadrant report, analysts Terrence Cosgrove, Rob Smith, Chris Silva, Bryan Taylor, John Girard, and Monica Basso wrote that the EMM market is evolving rapidly.  The report says that CIO’s see the potential to leverage mobility to better run, grow and transform their organizations. In fact, the report said that most CIOs surveyed include mobility among their top three technology priorities for 2014.

The report says that mobile device management strategies began as a way to enable mobile users, but the technology has evolved and is continuing to evolve as companies address new challenges. The key trends noted in the Magic Quadrant report include:

  • The EMM buyer is moving to end-user computing.  It’s no longer relegated to a special-purpose IT group like telecom or messaging. Instead, enterprise mobility has “gone mainstream”, and is recognized as a significant productivity need.
  • Mobile application management helps maintain order amid chaos. Security remains a significant reason for EMM purchases, but it’s no longer the only benefit companies see. Since mobile platform providers like Apple and Google don’t inform customers of upcoming changes in their operating systems, an EMM significantly reduces the complexity that is inherent in supporting a multi-OS environment.
  • The EMM focal point will shift to data and identity. Data protection remains the primary concern most companies have with mobile devices. Enterprises are increasingly demanding that data is protected even when it flows outside the enterprise to parts unknown by way of employees who move information to places of convenience, whether those places (printers, consumer cloud storage sites, unsecured mobile apps, home
    computers, etc.) are secure or not.


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