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BreezyPrint is hiring!

Posted on Thu, Aug 19, 2010

BreezyPrint is growing fast, and we're looking for a senior mobile developer to help us succeed in our quest to dominate the mobile printing market.  Intro pitch video here:


We're looking for someone with deep knowledge in at least one or two of the Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms -- and we prefer that you have at least some experience with each of them, since as the resident expert you will be primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the codebase across each of these platforms.

As BreezyPrint's first employee, you will have significant impact on the company's success. You will need to be smart, quick on your feet, and most importantly you'll be passionately committed to bringing easy printing to every mobile device. A significant chunk of your compensation will come in the form of equity, so you should be excited by the chance to forego a little cash now in order to build something awesome that will wind up paying you a very above-market return on your time.

The mobile industry is very young, it is going to be very, very big, and we are going to own it.

Especially if you join us!

If you've got more mobile dev skill than your current employer knows what to do with (or if your current employer is just fine but you want to do something cooler), we want to hear from you. Email and tell us about yourself. Background, any cool things you've written or worked on, github profile if you have one (or other open source contributions), and anything else you think we should know.

We'll respond to all applicants within two days at most. Not all applicants will get a final decision that fast, but we'll at least let you know which way we're leaning.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon.

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