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Quick thoughts on Apple's iOS 4.2 announcement

Posted on Wed, Sep 01, 2010

Apple announced today that it is going to bring certain kinds of printing capability to the iPad within the next few months.  We're thrilled to see Apple finally responding to the overwhelming consumer demand for mobile printing, but since the announcement does run onto our turf a little bit (and before another hundred fans send us worried emails), we thought it would be worth pointing out a few benefits that remain exclusive to BreezyPrint:
  • BreezyPrint works on all your other devices (i.e., not just the iPad), with nothing more to set up.
  • BreezyPrint lets you print securely to printers on corporate networks without requiring you to join the corporate network.
  • BreezyPrint can handle hundreds of different file types -- so when someone sends you a Visio drawing or some other file that the iPad can't view, you'll still be able to print it with BreezyPrint.
  • Our global printer network (details still under wraps, but coming soon) will give you access to thousands of printers all around the world, again with no extra setup required.
In short, the new printing capabilities in iOS 4.2 are a welcome addition to the iPad's already impressive lineup of features - and we're confident that as more people get used to the ease of printing from their iPads, they'll see even more value in a service that significantly expands that capability.

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