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Printing with Breezy from a PC or Mac

Posted on Tue, Dec 27, 2011

If you're reading this, you probably already know that Breezy's great for secure mobile printing from your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android device.  But what you probably didn't know is that you can now access our entire print infrastructure, including the Breezy Partner Network, from your laptop as well!

Why would I ever do that?, you might ask.  Well, if (like many of our users) you leave your laptop at home whenever you travel, maybe you won't.

However, many (unfortunate) people, even today, must bring a laptop whenever they're on the road. So for those of you who've ever found yourselves stuck in a hotel room, with a need to print from your laptop but without any desire to install drivers or otherwise connect your computer to the sketchy-looking printer downstairs, there's now a simple, three-step solution.

1) Visit and login to your account.  
Then, select "Print a Document" from the drop-down menu near your name, and upload any file you like.  



2) Select your printer and submit your document.
You can use the map to find a Breezy Partner Network location near you, or print to one of your own or your company's printers instead.  If the printer supports it, you will be able to select options like color and duplexing.



3) If printing in a public location, check "Recently Printed" section in the Breezy app or our website for your Release Code.
As part of our commitment to security, documents printed to public locations will not be released to the printer until the user enters a unique Release Code on a keypad located next to the printer.  You can find this code in the Recently Printed section of the app or our website.



We're proud to be the only mobile print solution to provide full functionality via our website as well as our mobile apps.  We'd love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think!


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