Announcing Print Restrictions in Breezy

Posted on August 25, 2015

As print security becomes an increasingly important part of any enterprise printing environment, we've had a number of customers ask us to implement some restrictions around the size and length of documents users can print with Breezy.

So today, we are pleased to announce a relatively small new feature, with significant impact: the Print Restrictions Setting in the Breezy Dashboard.  If you've ever wanted to limit the length or size of documents that users can print, this update is for you.

What it Does:

The Print Restrictions option (shown under Organization Settings in the Settings tab in the Breezy Dashboard) allows administrators to set limits on the number of pages and the size of documents that Breezy will process.  

These controls are fairly simple: admins can block documents larger than [x] bytes, or longer than [x] pages:



How it Works:

When the user attempts to print a document, the system checks to make sure that printing the document won't violate any restrictions the administrator has set in the Dashboard.  If the document is over the limit, the job will be canceled and the user will receive an email notifying him or her of the reason for the cancelation. 

Why it Matters:

  • In some environments (for example, in public, email printing contexts), the customer may not want to accord all possible users sufficient trust to allow them to print any document of any size.  This setting allows administrators to set reasonable limits to enforce organizational policy.
  • Some customers may have compliance requirements that become burdensome if documents exceed a certain size or number of pages.
  • Other customers may simply want to reduce their printing expenditure, and would prefer to limit mobile printing to only documents of a certain length. 

The Print Restrictions Setting is available today for all customers on our Next Generation platform.  If you have not upgraded yet, you should - it's a free upgrade for all customers and contains dozens of new features like this one, as well as hundreds of behind-the-scenes improvements.

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