The Company

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Breezy is a small company with a big mission: to enable secure mobile printing from any device to any printer, while getting rid of all the hassle that accompanies printing in everyday life.

None of us print as much as we used to, of course, but when we do we want it to be easy. Simple. And, just as importantly, secure. That's what we're building at Breezy: the easiest, most secure way to print anything from any device to any printer.

We're a small, driven group, laser-focused on making the best secure mobile printing experience possible. With no legacy business lines to protect and no preexisting ideas to prove, we offer something no one else in the market can: a pure, simple dedication to building the best possible product.

Whether you’re a business wanting to improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce, a developer looking to add print functionality to your apps, a business looking to stand out to mobile consumers by joining the Breezy Partner Network or just an individual wanting to get more done on your own device, we can help.